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What does a private pilot need to know about airplane navigation?

There are a number of airplane navigation methods, such as pilotage, dead reckoning and various airplane navigation systems that the pilot needs to know about and master. Knowing how to read an aeronautical chart and how to handle certain navigational aids such as VOR navigation are prerequisite for not getting lost in the air.

This area splits into a number of specialist sections. See the end of the page for a list of these.

The knowledge areas covered on this page correspond with the area that is subject of the FAA Navigation Question bank. If you want to check the knowledge you already possess in this area click on the link a few lines further down.

Clicking on the link will open a new window, so that you can return to this page for further study. Hopefully you will be able to improve your score after studying these pages. Please note, that the question answer page opening when you click on the link is timed and you might find it easier to try to do this first test in one go, come back to improve your knowledge and then try the test again. There are also a number of smaller tests at the end of each section that you can take and that will help you to retain the knowledge.

Airplane Navigation - Go on and try the FAA Navigation test now.

There might be some questions that are not covered on this page. In that case we have moved them to other pages in order to better fit into the hirarchy as we have proposed on the top page. Please refer to the menu of links to the left for other areas. There you should find the answers to these questions.

If you did the test, you might have identified some areas where you would like to improve your knowledge. Check the following list of topics to dig into the areas in detail:
Navigation Basics: Fundamental concepts of navigation are explained, such as direction, distance and their representation in aeronautical charts.
Aeronautic Navigation Instruments: This page gives an overview of the most common instruments in aeronautic navigation for the VFR private pilot.
Practical Navigation Principles: This page gives an introduction to the common navigation principles in VFR flight.